the concept


The concept of

Tour de Amigos

Is to put together a truly unique Latin American cycling tourism experience. Cycling is a sport, hobby, lifestyle, and love. For 14 days we will offer a small group of guests the opportunity to experience a South American country rich with beauty, culture and history from the seat of their bike.


In addition to cycling, we've organised excursions and activities that will create lifelong memories unavailable to the average tourist. Cycle some of Chile's more beautiful regions. Absorb local culture away from the hustle-and-bustle of major metropolitan cities. Create friendships with likeminded individuals. And taste local delicacies unavailable anywhere else. We invite you to join us for a truly unique cycling experience.

El Patrón

The man

behind it all

Founding amigo, Chilean born Jorge Sandoval has lived in New Zealand for over 42 years. After escaping Chile's brutal Pinochet regime in the 1970's he made New Zealand his new home and directed what are considered to be some of the country's most prestigious professional cycle races.


In addition to his highly-regarded professional tour he has been awarded the Queens Order of Merit (MNZM), had a biography written about himself by Wellington writer Peter Bidwell “Jorge Sandoval – Surviving Pinochet”.


Those who know Jorge know two things - he loves Chile and he loves cycling. And now he is combining his two great loves to bring cycling enthusiasts a once-in-a-lifetime Latin American cycle tourism experience.


Tour De Amigos first official trip begins in February 2020 where participants, or 'amigos', will experience the beauty, culture, and cuisine of Chile by bike.

We understand cycling, we understand cyclists, and we understand Latin America.

the team

The Amigos

Our friendly team who will support you throughout the journey both on and off the bike.


Rene Sandoval - Operations

Rene is our man-on-the-ground. He works on race routes, accomodation and everything in between.


Victor Cortez - Bus Driver

Victor is in charge of getting us around the countryside comfortably when not riding or exploring.


Miguel Hidalgo - Translator

Miguel is your translator throughout the tour assisting day-to-day to guide you through the Spanish language.


Mauricio González - Videographer

Mauro follows the tour capturing all the special moments and putting them together perfectly.


Elvio Rodriguez - Paramedic

Elvio is a registered paramedic at the Hospital of Los Angeles and follows the tour as a precautionary measure.


Daniel Sandaña - Bike Marshall

Keeping you safe while riding is Daniel's number one priority and he manages traffic like a pro.


Didier Cifuentes - Broom Wagon

Didier is responsible for transportation of the bikes and following the riders for support and safety.


Daniel Sandoval - Co-Director

Daniel assists with all things tour related and manages the digital side of the business.

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3 - 16 March 2024

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