Jorge Sandoval

Chilean born Jorge Sandoval is an Honorary Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to cycling, and has lived in New Zealand for 42 years.

Jorge is now inviting you to come with him to his homeland and ride across the Bio Bio region and visit some of the most beautiful areas of Chile.

“For years cyclists have been asking me when I will take a group to Chile. I have turned my attention towards this and have put together our first ever ‘Tour de amigos’ in 2020. I feel privileged to live in New Zealand, I love this country, New Zealand has given me so much and now I want to show you my country. I would like to invite you to join me as your tour leader and come with us for a trip of a lifetime. I promise lots of great cycling, fun, discoveries and great Chilean hospitality”.

“I have been to lots of cycle races in New Zealand and overseas, organised many
international men and women cycle tours in NZ, I know the sport and what you want out of a cycle tour overseas. I travel to Chile every year and I always carry my bike with me. On my recent trip my purpose was to finalise a race route that will be interesting, attractive and safe for everyone, I know the region and places.”

We are not promising you to come and watch a famous bike race, to climb some of the most famous hill climbs in the world or to be taken each day to a metropolitan city full of shopping malls etc.

We are offering you the first opportunity ever to come to Chile for 13 days, ride your bike for approximately 9 days, visit some of the most beautiful areas in the south of Chile, experience and meet with one of South America oldest natives, the Mapuches and Pehuenches, stay in great accommodation in little country towns, taste Chilean traditional typical meals, we may also get you to spend an evening with a Chilean family learning to cook a traditional family meal and of course, this is the “Region del Vino” as Chileans called, the wine region so a visit or two to a Chilean winery is also on the cards.

Remember, non-riding partners can also join the trip.

Jorge Sandoval MNZM

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