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It was the most incredible trip I’ve ever been on. Dan and Jorge had thought of every single detail. I can’t recommend this tour enough. It was the most . It was the most incredible trip I’ve ever been on. Dan and Jorge had thought of every single detail. I can’t recommend this tour enough. It was the most .




Day One


Bienvenidos a Chile! We will meet riders in Santiago. If you are flying from NZ, you will arrive around 1.30pm. From there we will catch a short flight to Concepcion for the start of the tour. On arrival at Concepcion in Chile’s Bio Bio region we will transfer all riders to the hotel in the city. Once we’ve arrived we will put bikes together followed by our first team dinner and run-through of the plan for the next 12 days.

Day Two


After a good breakfast the bus will take us to San Pedro. Here we’ll set off on our first ride, traveling alongside the famous Bio Bio river via an almost flat valley for around 43 km before entering the valley. From here the road is rolling with a couple of short hills before we get to Nacimiento.

Day Three

Los Angeles

Today is your first “Queen stage” of the tour, we’ll ride from Los Angeles to the bottom of Vulcan Antuco, a ride of almost 83km long climbing from 140 meters above sea level to 1098 meters above sea level, a fantastic ride with beautiful scenery into the Andes, for most of the false flat ride all you see in front of you in the beautiful Vulcan Antuco.

Day Four

Pehuenche Territory

The ride is a combination of rolling hills with several short climbs during the second half of the ride, along the way we will ride alongside the Bio Bio river once again, this is beautiful country side full of Chilean native trees. We will stay in Ralco for two nights to explore Ralco and have the chance to meet the Pehuenches, hear their story and sample their typical meal.

Day Five

The Bio Bio

After three days of hard cycling it's time for rest. Today you have the option to go yachting on a lake. The trip includes free service (beer, piscola, coffee, cake etc.), walks through the native forest with visit to private natural hot springs. Among the natural attractions of appreciate: hidden waterfalls, basalt quarries, river fed by snowmelt, ancient forests, etc.

Day Six

Los Angeles

On the way to Chillan we will make a stop to see the tourist site of Salto Del Laja, a famous waterfall near Los Angeles. After cycling and back at the hotel you will have the evening free to sample some of the local restaurants. Make sure you visit the market!

Day Seven

Las Termas

Today we will cycle to the ski resort Termas de Chillan, this is located 1,650 meters above sea level. This beautiful ski center, one of the most complete in the country, its 82 kilometres away from Chillán and it is surrounded by an environment of native forests, with nice mountain style hotels, spa services, hot spring pools and restaurants.

Day Eight


After breakfast we will ride into the flattest countryside of the Chillan region, heading towards Coihueco, a small country town near Chillan. After the ride you will have more time to explore the city, the market and restaurants.

Day Nine


Today we travel to the wine region of Guarilihue, this is a beautiful flat ride to yet another typical Chilean country town. We will stay at this accommodation for two days.

Day Ten

No Ride Day

Today is a special day, after breakfasts we will head on the bus to a small vineyard near Guarilihue where we will have a typical Chilean almuerzo (lunch), taste the local wine and explore the vineyard. We will head back to the Hotel around 4.00pm

Day Eleven

La Playa

Today a short, hard ride of approximate 67km from Ñipas, Coelemu and to the beautiful beach of Tome, this small town of approximate 52.000 people is visited by more than 300.000 people during the summer months.

Day Twelve

The Last Ride

Today we have our last ride of the tour, a short ride to Rafael and back to Tome for lunch, the afternoon we explore the town, go to the beach and pack up for our flight to Santiago tomorrow morning.

Day Thirteen

Departure Day

After twelve days cycling the Bio Bio region, we will catch a flight to Santiago. But not before traveling by bus to the fishing village of Dichato – 30 minutes’ drive from Tome. This little town is famous for their seafood restaurants, lunch will be in Dichato.

Chile 2022 awaits.

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